by Bryan Deluca

The giant fish leaping out of the ground, signifies the travel of the Alewife fish up the Peconic river. The silver scaled fish migrate annually through the fish ladders on long islands longest river, The Peconic to lay their eggs.

With my thoughts of creating Art in the Park and the Reflective elements to support the public art during the day ,it became a natural fit to do the fish using music CD’s as the scales. I paid tribute to the Alewife fish and the concept of reflective art with the shiny side of the music CD’s.

Once I realized I needed over 3000 cd’s however we made it a friends, family and community project requesting people to donate their old cd’s. It was a little funny to see some of the cd’s that came in, not all were music, old exercise, meditation, travel and even a college graduation cd’s made it on to the fish. A little piece of the community in every scale!     

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